Technology Student Association

The Technology Student Association (TSA) is a fun club for students who like tech. They do cool things with science and gadgets. TSA has events where you can show what you know, like building robots. It’s not just about tech – TSA helps you be a leader and work in a team. If you love tech and want to have fun with others who do too, join TSA!

History of technology in education

Computers started being used in schools around the year 1960. They were big and expensive at first, but in the 1970 smaller and more affordable ones like the Apple II came along. In the 1980s and 1990s, schools began using computers in classrooms for things like learning to program and using educational software. The internet became popular in the 1990s, opening up even more learning possibilities.

When were computers first used in schools

A few decades ago, teachers of those school who had computers in their classrooms did not use them in their teaching purpose. In those time computers were very expensive could handle word processing software. those time, none of us knew that any app would be developed for graduate students. Since 1996, many schools have made changes to enable Internet access. This has brought about significant changes in the field of education as information has become increasingly accessible through the Internet

Drexel University became the first campus in 1983 to require every student to buy a laptop. Computer-aided instruction gained widespread acceptance in schools by the early 1980s. It was during this period that drilling and practice programs were first developed for exclusive classroom use.

Nowadays, computers are super important in education. We use them for interactive learning, online resources, and working together on projects. Some programs, like One Laptop per Child, try to make sure kids around the world have access to computers for learning. Computers keep getting better and help us learn and prepare for the future!

Technology Student of the year

In the future, some super smart kids will become the Technology Students of the Year. They were like tech champions! These kids knew a lot about computers and cool gadgets. They used their smarts to fix problems and make the world better. Everyone thought they were awesome for coming up with cool ideas and working together. These tech-savvy kids showed that anyone can be a hero in the digital world. They made the future look really cool and exciting!

Why technology is important in our life

Technology is important in our lives because it makes things

easier and more fun. It helps us talk to friends quickly and buy things without

leaving home and learning new stuff easily. Imagine not having phones or

computers—we’d miss out on a lot! It’s like having a super helper that makes

everything faster and simpler. Technology also keeps us healthy by tracking our

exercise and sleep. At work or school, it helps us do things better and faster.

Think about how cool it is to control your home with a voice command! So,

technology is like a friendly sidekick that makes life smoother and connects us to

the world, and adds a touch of magic to our everyday adventures.

Nowadays, life for a modern technology student is easier.

1.Communication: Texting, social media, and email

Keep us connected. They make communication very easy. Before using internet

people wrote only letter to communicate others

2.Navigation: GPS guides us to our destinations.
3.Entertainment: Streaming, gaming, and apps make

leisure enjoyable. Watching movies or playing video games can be pass the time and have fun.


  1. Online Shopping:

    E-commerce simplifies buying


5.Education: Technology aids learning through online resources.
6.Banking: Online transactions and apps manage finances.
  1. Smart Home Devices:

    Automation enhances home control.

  2. Work Productivity:

    Software and collaboration tools streamline tasks.

  3. Information Access:

    Search engines like Google and YouTube quickly provide information.

Negative effects of technology on society

Sometimes, technology causes problems. When we share too

much online, our personal stuff might not be safe. Spending lots of time on

Phones can make us feel lonely. Not everyone has the same chances.

technology, so some miss out on learning and jobs. Machines and robots might

take away jobs, and that’s not good for money. Too much social media can make

us stressed. Sometimes technology students use it in bad ways. We need to be careful with technology and fix these problems so it helps more than it hurts.


In summary, technology is a big part of our daily lives. We use smartphones to talk and learn new things. The internet helps us shop and do work. Smart devices in our homes make things easier. At work, technology lets

us do things faster. Learning is different with online tools. But too much technology

can be a problem for privacy and how we feel. It’s important to use technology

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